At home date night ideas


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Sometimes after a long week all you really feel like doing is staying home. If this is you (it’s me A LOT) and you have a significant other to stay in with you, here are some ideas of how you can still have a fun date night while staying in. :)

Play an outdoor game. Our dart board is one of our best investments. It gives you a reason to go outside, have a beer and have a little friendly competition. Preferably do this while also grilling something delicious for dinner.

Drink wine and eat cheese. Wine and cheese are definitely two of my favorite things. Grab a few different bottles of wines you’ve never tried that you can sample (try buying all of one kind and rate them!) and create a cheese plate with different cheeses, meats, fruits and crackers. Light some candles, turn on some music and relax!

Have a theme night. Pick a theme and center everything else around this theme. For example, Mexican: cook tacos, make margaritas, put on some salsa music and get your dance on!

Do a puzzle. I know this one sounds kinda lame but it can actually be super fun! I finally convinced my fiancé to try a puzzle and he surprisingly loved it! It’s something laid back to do while you’re also able to have a conversation.

Take a walk or a bike ride around your neighborhood. Go on an adventure together and the bonus is you get a little exercise too!

Agree to watch one of your significant other’s favorite movies and in return they have to watch one of yours all in the same night. It’s more fun than just finding a random movie on Netflix and you might learn something about each other!

Do a project together. My favorite is to repurpose an old piece of furniture but you could also create some diy artwork or build a garden box!

Date night ideas: Going out


Ok guys, so bad news. I totally dropped the ball on last weeks challenge. There is no excuse but I did learn that I’m going to have to set an alarm for some of these so I actually remember to do them. So! I’m going to give myself another chance. My alarm is set and I plan on being serious about reading this week! Sorry about that… new challenge next week. Moving on!

Date ideas!

After being with the same person for a while, you can start to get set in your routine of staying in to drink wine and watch netflix or going to your favorite restaurant every Friday night. I think It happens to all of us! So, I’m here to give you some fresh ideas if you’re feeling stuck in a date rut with your significant other. Here are some ideas for a date night out and I’ll be back another day with fun ideas for staying in too :)

Trivia: find a local restaurant or bar that does trivia and go see how many random facts you know (or don’t know)!

Try a new restaurant: look up new restaurants that have opened recently in your area and give it a try!

Pack a picnic: grab some cheese, crackers, champagne and a blanket and head to the beach or a park, preferably somewhere you can watch the sun set.

Live music: find somewhere playing live music and give it a try! Even if you have no idea who the band is, that actually makes it more fun and interesting.

Try something different: have you both been to a ballet? an orchestra concert? a play? Discover your local arts culture and try something new together.

Craft breweries: they’re popping up everywhere so why not see what ones are nearby and go do a tasting?

Travel to a nearby town: sometimes just going to the next town over gives you a ton of new things to try and can make you feel like you’re on a mini vacation.

Go to a sporting event: whether you’re into sports or not, going to a local baseball game or hockey game can be something different and bonus: you get to drink beer and eat yummy snacks. Make a bet on the winning team!

Any other ideas? :)