May Birchbox + Cupcakes and Cashmere

birchbox reviewcupcakes and cashmere birchbox
Birchbox is at it again with a collaboration with another one of my all time favs: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, one of my top 5 favorite bloggers. So basically this was all I needed to be convinced to try Birchbox for another month (not to mention it’s kind of addictive). In this month’s box I received:

may birchboxbirchbox

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser: This body wash smells amazing! The wash lathers great and the scent seems to linger a bit which I don’t mind at all!
Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Quad: Of the 4 eyeshadows in this sample, I’m loving the dark brown and gold ones. I’ve been using the brown daily and sometimes adding a little bit of gold in the creases. The other two colors are a dark purple and a sparkly purple and I’m not sure I will ever use those.

birchbox eyeshadow reviewHarvey Prince Sea Salt Texturizing Mist: I just tried this today for the first time and it smells great! It didn’t seem to have too much of an effect of my straight, thick hair though.
Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: I love when you can feel an exfoliating scrub working but it’s not too abrasive like this one. It seemed to leave my skin a little bit smoother and brighter!
Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream: This cream is popular in Japan and can be used all-over from your heels to your lips. I’ve tried it on both and it seems to do it’s job. The only problem I have is the smell, it’s awful! It does go away after a minute when it soaks into your skin but when I use it on my lips I have to hold my breath!

I had already pre-ordered Emily’s new book “Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home” before receiving this Birchbox (this months Birchbox included a special offer to spend $55 at Birchbox and receive the book for free) and received it shortly after the box. I’m reading it now and I love getting a chance to peak into her house a lot more than we get to see on her blog. It’s definitely inspiring and the pictures are beautiful!

cupcakes and cashmere at home

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