Memorial Day Recipe: Pulled Pork Sliders

pulled park sliders

cucumber salad

Memorial day is fast approaching! If you haven’t had time to come up with something to cook for the occasion yet then I’m here to help! This crockpot pulled pork recipe couldn’t be easier. You can throw everything in the crock pot first thing in the morning and enjoy the rest of your day outside while a delicious meal is busy cooking itself inside.

These pulled pork sliders are not only delicious but the recipe makes a ton of food. One pork loin is enough for around 8-10 people. When we make it for just us two we tend to be eating it for the entire week (and I’m not complaining)!

I served it with cucumber avocado salad (recipe here) which would be a great easy side dish for a Memorial day party!

pulled pork recipe
Pulled pork sliders

– one pork loin
– enough bbq sauce to generously cover the pork loin (usually an entire small bottle, I use Sweet Baby Ray’s)
– one package of Hawaiian rolls

– Place pork loin in a crockpot
– Cover with bbq sauce
– Cook on low for 8 hours
– Serve on Hawaiian rolls

memorial day recipe


*best served with a cold beer and a cute koozie :)

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