Summer Weekends

This weekend was really great. Mostly because it was filled with sun, water and really good food, a few of my most favorite things. We’ve been on what seems like an endless hunt for a new house (wish us luck) so between the stress I’m trying to squeeze in as much good stuff as I can. Thankfully, I have just one day of work this week, followed by a couple days to just relax and get stuff done around the house and then we are off to New York City for the 4th of July! I could definitely use the vacation :)

Friday night we met up with my parents to watch the sunset at the beach with some sandwiches and some wine (well a lot of wine). siesta key sunset

sunset sunset

Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market where they had a Shrimp and Lobster Festival going on as well. We got there early and it was pouring but after hiding out for a while under a produce stand it was sunny skies! We picked up some veggies, scored some free fresh pasta and enjoyed a lunch of crab cakes and lobster rolls. (Also, has anyone had lychees before? I picked some up but haven’t tried them yet!)


The rest of the day involved house hunting and movie watching but I did see my first Sarasota peacock while we were out and about! And he was nice enough to show me his feathers :)


Sunday, we spent a delightful morning fishing and reading on the boat. We caught a lot, but they were apparently small undesirable fish for keeping (I don’t really care I just get excited when I catch something!) We then made fried green tomatoes for the first time (recipe coming soon!) from the tomatoes I picked up at the Farmer’s Market and grilled some steak and corn while I caught up on my blogging!


fried green tomatoes

How was your weekend?