Trader Joe’s Favorites

trader joes

I kinda love grocery shopping. Probably because I can buy things and not feel bad about it ;) What I love even more than grocery shopping is grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I try and buy as many staples as possible from Trader Joe’s because not only is it cheaper but TJ items have no preservatives, artificial flavors etc. Here are some of my favorites:

Real Mayonnaise: Mayo is one of those things that you know isn’t good for you but it’s required in a lot of recipes and also tastes great on sandwiches. You can feel a little better by getting this one that’s preservative free and tastes the same as any other mayo!

Coconut Oil: There are a million uses for this both in the pantry and in the bathroom cabinet!

Gnocchi: If you haven’t tried this yet, pick it up next time and you’re in for an easy delicious Italian dinner. I just heat up some butter with garlic and parmesan cheese for the sauce and it’s the best.

Thai Red Curry Sauce: Great for making chicken curry with rice and veggies.

Salsa Autentica: This is my favorite salsa ever.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Just yum.

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals: A healthier alternative to sea salt. This is all I use now.

Mini Croissants: Frozen pastries that are delicious for breakfast (you just have to remember to take them out the night before ;))

Goat Milk Brie: I’ve found that all cheeses from TJs are not only delicious but way cheaper than at any grocery store. This one doesn’t disappoint.

Light Champagne Vinaigrette: All the dressings they carry are delicious but this one is one of my favs. It’s nice and light.

Basil Pesto: I always keep pesto in the pantry. It’s a great alternative to noodles and a jar of marinara when you want an easy pasta dish.

Frozen Edamame: Heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes, add salt and you have a delicious, healthy snack.

Not Pictured:

All the wine: so cheap and so good.

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s buys? I’m always looking for new things to try :)

6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Favorites

  1. I am all about that salsa and the green version is awesome too. I also always buy the pesto, edamame, and gnocchi. After trying the curry sauce I went back to how I used to make curry, purchasing the red paste from Publix and mixing with the traders joes coconut milk (which is labeled as coconut creme…confusing). You can control how much salt you are adding if you make your own.

    I recommend the precooked lentils from the produce section. They can be tossed on salads or heated in a skillet with some veggies for an easy meal! They sell radishes in little packs to, which I slice and top with feta cheese and/or sea salt for a healthy snack.

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