Welcome to New York

We’re back from NYC and I’m resting my legs, drinking some tea and about to dive into the million photos I took! This blog is a long one, but feel free to follow along!

During the first part of the trip we stayed in East Williamsburg with a friend. It was cool to get to experience a neighborhood and live like locals for a few days!

central park

image1[a morning walk around central park aka one of my favorite places]

IMG_6353[Yankees v Rays game]

bagel[New York bagels, duh]

IMG_6372 IMG_6473IMG_6474[smorgasburg– beautiful views and delicious food! this was a mozzarella “bomb” filled with pesto – they made the cheese right in front of us!] 

[i dragged everyone to Tacombi, a referral from The Londoner, and thankfully it was just as delicious as she said!] 

[picadillo de angus regio and tacos al pastor at Tacombi, also the guac was delish]
After dinner we went to Brooklyn for the fireworks and I of course did not get any good photos. :( but we had a great view!

IMG_6478[walking across the Williamsburg Bridge]
IMG_6479[the prettiest building]
IMG_6485[bathroom selfie at Schiller’s Liquor Bar. the bathroom was epic but a bit of an adventure to get to. the burgers were great too]

IMG_6482[pretty views]

Our last night we decided to stay at a hotel in Midtown and get a little more in the middle of everything.


IMG_6484[we stopped at The Smith for dinner. it was super loud but the meatballs were amazing]

IMG_6481[we stopped at Dos Caminos for a drink and they had an awesome cactus wall!]
IMG_6455[we stumbled upon Upstairs at The Kimberly on our walk home and I’m so glad we did! the views were amazing]

After walking way more steps than my FitBit goal, eating tons of delicious food and soaking in the city vibe, I had a blast but I’m also so happy to be home :)

5 thoughts on “Welcome to New York

  1. The Smith is one of my favorite places to eat – they have a great brunch too! And Dos Caminos… you hit up all my favorites!! I’m glad you enjoyed it : )


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