Time to Reflect

day planner

[My new planner from A Beautiful Mess]

It’s that time again to reflect on the past year and look to the next. It’s been a lovely year and I decided to take some time to reflect on everything I accomplished (or didn’t) and what I want to continue working on/start in the next year.

Looking back on 2014, biggest accomplishments:
– Starting Simple and Lovely: My biggest personal accomplishment was starting my blog. This is something I’ve been itching to do for a long time and I’m so happy I finally did it!
– Learning to cook: I can say this is the year I learned to cook, like actually cook. I hope to take what I learned this year and take it to the next level.
– Decluttering: Although this is a continual process, I’ve managed to pair down my closet and make strides towards defining my personal style and putting quality over quantity when making purchases.

Looking forward to 2015, goals for next year:
– Home: I want to focus on my home. Making it a cozy place filled with only things that make me happy or are useful and getting rid of the rest.
– Blog: I want to focus on my blog. Refining the content, adding more and better pictures and continuing to learn.
– Enjoy the little things: I want to spend more time taking walks, reading, cooking and entertaining at home.

Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of 2014 filled with family, friends, great food, chilly nights and holiday cheer :)

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