Weekend in Savannah, GA

Last weekend the boyfriend and I headed up to Savannah for a couple days to celebrate our birthdays. It’s such an easy drive for us I don’t know why we’ve never done it before! (btw we listened to Serial the whole way there and we’re hooked!) It was my first time there and I kinda fell in love. We ended up having just the relaxing weekend both of us needed which included a lot of pretty walks, yummy restaurants, window shopping and listening to live music. :) Here are some of the highlights from our trip and some things I definitely recommend doing if you ever find yourself in Savannah:

The Olde Pink House and Planter’s Tavern– this place wins the award for my favorite thing in Savannah [also the most expensive but totally worth it], the basement bar was awesome and the food upstairs was AMAZING
Moon River Brewing Co.– we sat at the bar here a while and watched football, great beer, super laid back, nice outdoor patio if it’s warm enough!
Smiles Dueling Pianos – pretty touristy but very entertaining, definitely stop by later in the night
Vic’s on the River– went for happy hour which was amazingly cheap for such a nice restaurant, also enjoyed the pretty views of the river from the 4th floor
Vinnie Van Go Go’s– great pizza especially after drinking, [sidenote: I also carried our whole pizza for a 25 min. walk back to our apartment because it was warm and I was cold]
Goose Feather’s Cafe– nice, simple breakfast even though it was super crowded
Bonaventure Cemetery– really pretty place to take a walk and a camera
Jen’s and Friends– super tiny but worth stopping by for a drink, any martini flavor you ever wanted [or didn’t want]
Boar’s Head Grill and Tavern– stopped here for a drink, the bar was really cozy

park in savannah

[just another beautiful park]

savannah georgia

[bar hopping by the river]


[it was just a little cold for this Florida girl]


[so many pretty trees!]


[at Jen’s Martini Bar with another couple we met from FL]


[across from our carriage house]


[even the walls are pretty]

bonaventure cemetery

[bonaventure cemetery]

bonaventure cemetery

[such a pretty place for a walk]

bonaventure cemetery

bonaventure cemetery

the olde pink house

[the olde pink house aka one of the best meals we’ve ever had]

the olde pink house

[they also have the coolest bar ever]

the olde pink house

[surprise birthday desert]


[dressed up for our night out]


[taking selfies with a real camera is like, really hard]

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