Easy Christmas DIY: Mason Jar Snow Globes


These snow globes were so incredibly easy and look amazing! I somehow ended up hosting Christmas at my house this year (should be interesting) and was trying to come up with something cute for the table centerpiece. These snow globes are going to be perfect! Also bonus: these are waterless so you can use them year after year without worrying about storing/leaking :) Alright so here’s how you do it (seen first here):

snow globe

You will need:
– Glass jars in various sizes (you could also use recycled jars)
– Tree figurines in various sizes (make sure they will fit in your jars, if one is too tall cut a bit off the top with wire cutters)
– Buffalo snowflakes (I used the glittery kind)
– Glue dots (I’ve never used these before but they’re awesome!)

…and that’s it! I got everything at Michael’s but you can probably find it at any craft store.

christmas craft

Step 1: Put a glue dot on the bottom of each tree and stick it to the lids of the jars.

easy holiday craft

Step 2: Pour a small amount of snow into the jar (just enough to cover the lid when it’s turned over)

christmas craft

Step 3: Screw on the lid and turn upside down!

snow globesTada! Beautiful snow globes :)