Margherita Pizza and Goat Cheese Pesto Pizza Recipes

Normally, on a night no one is up to cooking I’d throw in a frozen pizza and be done with it. But if you’re anything like me (and are obsessed with pizza) a frozen one just doesn’t do it. Sure it fills you up and doesn’t taste horrible, but it’s definitely lacking in the flavor department. Because of this problem I’ve recently been interested in making my own pizzas. But when I began the research I was immediately intimidated by the thought of making my own dough. That’s when Publix came to the rescue when I discovered they sell pre-made dough in their bakery! (if you don’t live by a Publix I suggest you check out the bakery of your local grocery store). All you have to do is set the dough out an hour before you want to start making the pizza and then roll it out and you’re ready to go! Here are the two pizzas we’ve made since discovering this dough (both were equally delicious!):

Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza:
– Spread pesto over the dough
– Top with goat cheese, tomatoes and parmesan cheese


goat cheese pizza Margherita Pizza:
– Spread pasta sauce over the dough
– Top with fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and tomatoes

margherita pizza

margherita pizza recipe

Any other good pizza recipes?

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