Four ways to stay motivated at work

I find my productivity at work tends to go down a lot in the summer. I stare longingly outside at the blue skies and dream about sitting on the beach with a book but instead I find myself stuck in a freezing office all day long. I’ve come up with a few tips on how to fight off the summertime work blues and stay motivated!

1. Put on some upbeat music. Pop in your headphones and put on whatever music gets you tapping your foot and humming along. Lately this is the Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift or Vampire Weekend Pandora stations for me.

2. Buy some fun stationary or office supplies. When I’m writing in a pretty notebook or using a pencil with an encouraging saying on it, I’m immediately motivated to get more things checked off my cute to do list! Check out this, this or these.

3. Reward yourself. Set a timer (or use an app like this one) and stay completely focused for a set amount of time. Come up with a reward you get once the time is up. Some examples could be eating some chocolate, going for a quick walk or checking your Instagram feed. Whatever will motivate you!

4. Have something to look forward to. Plan something to do after work even if it’s just sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and a book. It will keep you energized during the day if you have something to work towards! 

Any other tips? Feel free to share!

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