ePantry review

epantryHas anyone heard of ePantry? It’s a delivery service for sustainable cleaning, household and beauty products that deliveries to your home once a month (or less). From their website: “We use technology and a simple user experience to replace stressful last second errands with a service that’s fun, economical, that you can feel smart using.”

I’ve been using ePantry for about a year now and it’s super convenient and easy to use! It works like this: you create an account and add products you need to your pantry dashboard on their website for each month. They are delivered right to your door a few days after the ship date! All the products are environmentally friendly and are cheaper than you can get in a store. You can either plan your months ahead (if you use the same products and go through them quickly) or add what you need month by month.

Since it’s only me and my fiancé and we don’t go through cleaning products very quickly, I have mine set up to deliver every other month. The in between months I keep empty. This works great for us! Every month they send me an email letting me know to check my cart before a shipment is scheduled (even if it’s empty). This is my reminder to check the house and see if we do need anything.

You can add multiple pantry managers, split bills and they often send you free or discounted sample items to try. Everything comes packaged extremely well so there are no spills during transit. You just receive a bunch of sustainable cleaning supplies that actually get you excited about cleaning!

Has anyone else tried ePantry?

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