How to declutter your bathroom

The bathroom is one of those places that just seems to attract clutter. I recently decided to take back control and declutter my bathroom for good. Here are my tips and a peek inside my bathroom!



– Keep the counters clear! Only the most necessary items should be on the counter (like hand soap) and a couple pretty storage solutions. Everything else should have a home somewhere else in the bathroom.

Keep your essentials in a makeup bag. I keep all the makeup items I use daily (around 6 items) in a makeup bag in a drawer. Not only does this keep a minimum on the number of items I can keep because of the limited space, it also makes it super easy for packing, just grab your makeup bag and go!

Don’t keep samples. This one is self explanatory. Just don’t do it, seriously.

Set aside everything you use over the course of a week. If you don’t use it within that week period, consider getting rid of the item (besides a few “just in case” items like bandaids or medications)

– If you try a new hair/makeup product and you don’t like it, get rid of it! You probably won’t use it again and it will just take up space in your bathroom. If you’re having trouble getting rid of something you just spent good money on consider giving it to a friend to try. You’re money won’t have gone to waste and products tend to work differently for different people, so they may like it!

– Have minimal storage. If you don’t have a ton of extra storage in your bathroom chances are you will only keep the essentials because theres nowhere to put the rest!

– I’m not a huge fan of buying storage products to organize/hide clutter (sorry container store!) but one place they seem completely necessary is in the bathroom. I love mini drawers for the little things you use often and small stackable bins to hide the things you don’t need everyday but don’t overdue it! (see tip above)

– Go through all medications and check the expiration dates. Chances are that task alone will get rid of at least half of it. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore and only keep the things that have actually come in handy in the past.

– Once you’ve cleared out all the clutter, reward yourself by adding a couple spa-like elements to your bathroom. Pick out a nice smelling candle, a plant or splurge on a fancy hand towel. Make it a place you don’t mind spending time in since you inevitably have to spend time there!

Anyone have any other tips?

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