Gift Idea: 5 Year Journal

5 year journal

This a thoughtful, fun gift that’s great for anyone or even for yourself! Q&A a day offers an easy solution for someone who wants to record their life but doesn’t want to take the time to sit down and write in a journal regularly (ahem…me). It’s a 5 year journal with very simple questions to answer each day over 5 years. It takes only a couple minutes to jot down an answer and the result is pretty cool. I’m on the 4th year of mine and I love seeing where I was 4 years ago [see below] and how I’ve evolved with my answers. I’ve bought this as a gift for many people including my sister, best friend and my boyfriends sister and it’s always a hit!

5 year journal

[a peak into my journal…taco bell…really?]

andy warhol quote

[quote on the first page]

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