Trip to the Myakka State Park

To celebrate my birthday this past Monday the boyfriend and I went on an adventure to Myakka State Park. It was a nice fall day (for us that means below 80) and it was relaxing to wander around the park taking in the trees and wildlife while snapping some photos along the way. For dinner we went to Cassariano, an authentic Italian restaurant in Venice, FL where I had my fill of wine, bread and pasta (pretty much my 3 favorite things!). All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! I highly encourage everyone to check out their local state park ASAP, grab a camera and enjoy the outdoors! And it never hurts to follow up with some great Italian food ;)

myakka state park

[please note the 2 alligators in the background, eek!]

myakka state park

[only the 2nd time I’ve made it to the top!]

myakka state park

[definitely worth it] myakka state park

[canopy walk]

myakka state park

[field full of deer !! ]

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