Project Life

project life

I’ve always liked scrapbooking. Before this year I completed 2 scrapbooks in my life: one of a family road trip when I was in high school and one for my sister’s graduation gift. Since then, it’s been a little more of a challenge. I started one for a trip with my sister to New York when we were in college but I never finished it. Now there doesn’t seem like much point to since I’ve been to NY since then, so I have no motivation to go back and document that specific trip. After this incident I was a little turned off of scrapbooking even though I knew I enjoyed it. What was the point of spending all this money on a book, paper, photo prints etc if I was just going to do a few pages and then quit?

After making the executive decision that scrapbooking was probably not the best hobby for me, I came across Project Life. I was intrigued by the simpleness of it. The biggest perk was definitely not having to use glue. It was like they did a lot of the work for you and just left you with a simpler yet still satisfying solution to scrapbooking. I figured after all this time I’d let myself try it again. So my sister got me a core kit and a variety pack of pocket pages for Christmas last year.

It took me a bit of time to get motivated to start but once I did I was pleasantly surprised! First I went through my pictures from the last year and got them printed online at Snapfish. I put them in date order and got to work fitting them into the little sleeves. It was so easy! I didn’t have to cut anything and my hands weren’t covered in glue! Any spots that weren’t filled with a picture I added one of the many choices of adorable cards. After filling all the slots on a page I went back and wrote a little something about the pictures on the cards. And that was it. On to the next page!

project life

Now I can say I have successfully scrapbooked a year of my life and plan to continue doing more. I already have my next batch of pictures picked out and ready for printing so I can keep adding to my book! If you have always wanted to try scrapbooking but are a bit intimidated by it or just don’t have the time to do traditional scrapbooking, this is definitely the way to go!


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