Fewer better things.

leather tote

I fell in love with the Cuyana brand after finding their website through their Lean Closet Movement. The premise is “Challenging us to collect fewer, better things”, which is exactly the mission I’ve been on lately. I’ve been getting rid of piles and piles of clothes and thinking super hard about anything I buy to add to my closet. The site gave me a lot of inspiration for my journey of a more minimalistic closet.

I stumbled back on the site when I was looking for a big leather tote and discovered they had exactly what I was looking for. I bought it in brown and spent the extra money to get it monogrammed in a pretty simple gold. I’ve used it to carry my laptop (and everything else) to work, take it shopping (to put my purchases in and keep my hands free!) and for day trips. I also splurged and bought the monogrammed makeup bags which are perfect for traveling! All in all this is a great company. I love their products and what they stand for, check them out!

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