Fall in our new neighborhood

We’ve been enjoying our new house over the past few weeks (when we’ve been in town, which hasn’t been as often as I would like!). We were able to have a few good pool days but now the waters starting to get a little too cold for me (if only the air would get a little colder as well!). The best part of the new house is that it’s a 10 minute walk to the ocean! We’ve been taking a ton of walks and it’s so refreshing. My favorite is pouring some wine in a cup and camping out on a bench for the sunset. It’s the best.

donut float

Obviously the first thing I ordered after moving in was a donut float. Worth it.


The view from our neighborhood park on an early morning walk.


Our first meal outside (red wine pasta and garlic knots) using the new patio furniture.




After sunset walks home.


A little too happy + pink flamingos

IMG_5007A small nature trail leads to a drain pipe and concrete wall but also to this view.


Fall vibes at brunch.

3 thoughts on “Fall in our new neighborhood

  1. Love the pictures – they put a smile on my face, glad I was there for that brunch (super yummy) and glad I have been on a few of those evening sunset walks (relaxing and beautiful).


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